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Unifi Controller
*All controller versions are available

Due to unprecedented demand from our clients, we provide no-nonsense, fully managed, highly secure Ubiquiti Unifi controller VPSs. Our services are targeted at those that do not have the will, knowledge or expertise to host their own controllers. Further, those that do not wish to use Unifi Cloud Keys, or UDM devices and instead use gateways from different vendors can still operate their other Unifi equipment.

Why? - Hosting your own controller can be pain if you do not have your own IT staff, or if you are time-poor. Java errors, updates gone wrong, endless problems. We stabilise this for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Cloud Key/UDM vs Hosted - Cloud keys can be as problematic as self hosted controllers. Also, if you are managing many sites, it usually doesn't make economic or practical sense to operate multiple Cloud Keys when you can just operate a single hosted controller here at Shaw IT.

Why Shaw IT?:

  • We are a Thai company but have a truly global presence.
  • We do not automate the process of spinning up a generic controller VPS from a template. Instead, we tailor a bespoke VPS for each customer based on their individual needs during the onboarding process.
  • We have a profound understanding of the Unifi ecosystem due to our ongoing work deploying networks based on Ubiquiti hardware. We are very good at what we do and we go the extra mile when necessary.
  • We are a profit making enterprise, this equals stability and professionalism for our clients. We are jealously committed to our customers.

Our clients are mostly hotels, MSPs, general office spaces, public service buildings, hospitals, anyone that uses Unifi equipment.

  • Home/Small Office - US$9/Month (annual payment only)
    • Sold Out
  • Up to 20 managed devices
  • Single site on secure shared controller
  • Annual payment only
  • Access via
  • Same day setup
  • Email us for availability updates
  • Standard - US$50/Month
    • Low stock - 4 left
  • Up to 500 managed devices
  • No site count limit
  • Your choice of ports
  • Custom DNS available with Let's Encrypt SSL
  • 10% annual discount
  • Setup in 1 business day
  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Large - US$90/Month
    • Available
  • Up to 1000 managed devices
  • No site count limit
  • Your choice of ports
  • Custom DNS available with Let's Encrypt SSL
  • 10% annual discount
  • Setup in 1 business day
  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Enterprise - Custom pricing
    • Available
  • Unlimited managed devices
  • No site count limit
  • Your choice of ports
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Custom DNS available, your choice of SSL certificate
  • Setup in 1 business day
  • Email us to discuss

Key Considerations

  • VPS plans dedicated to your controller only. No one else shares it. Home/Small office plan is on secure shared controller, no one else can see your data
  • All controllers are fully managed. We update, patch, secure, backup
  • We do not allow root access. SSH port is closed to the world, and to you. Only we have access for management purposes with key based authentication (See previous bullet point)
  • We will assist you in migrating from your existing controller, if you have one
  • If there is a problem with your server, we will probably know about it before you do, as we monitor everything. As a minumim, we offer unlimited support via ticket system. We usually resolve within the hour, but we ask that you allow up to 24 hours. See individual plans for support levels

Server Locations

  • Our network spans Australasia, East Asia, Europe and the Americas. We use a number of partner organisations to support our infrastructure
  • Demo accounts are hosted in our staging environment in our Thailand server room. If demo accounts become paid accounts, they are moved to location of your choice. However, the following bullet point should be considered. . .
  • Unifi controllers are latency insensitive. They merely exist as a command and control centre for your network. Controller location has absolutely no effect on the performance of your network. The only reason to specify hosting location is to improve controller GUI speed, but this is already so fast and light, you just won't notice much difference in any case

Scope of Service

  • We manage the controller software and the server it runs upon. We have no responsibility to manage your 'on site' devices. It is your responsibility to set up your controller appropriately for your own needs
  • Any request that we manage your network on your behalf, including but not limited to Unifi devices at your site or your client sites, will be charged at our standard hourly consulting rate
  • We back up servers for our own purposes and for emergencies. You have the option to automate settings back ups (and download them) from within the controller for your own needs
  • Some customers prefer to stay on certain controller versions. You can 'pin' a specific version and this can be discussed at any time